Why should I do the GrowYourSkill learning programs?

Successful industry professionals have shared their expertise, tips, and tricks - forming the basis of the growyourskill career preparation program. Completing our program in advance teaches you about the career in corporate world and the insider skills you'll need to excel, giving you a leg up on regular applicants.

Are the growyourskill learning programs Certified ?

Yes, the growyourskill learning programs are assessed and certified. The learners will get certificates when they score more than 80% in each program. The certificates are visible from their home page in the learnings completed section

Do I really need a resume?

A resume shows professionalism and absolutely helps your chances of getting a job. No experience? No problem! Our site in your home page has an easy to create resume model and allows you to create, update and modify at will

How can I prepare for my interview?

We have a checklist to help you get ready for your interview, including how to answer common questions and what to wear. Get started on your interview preparation by following these simple steps

If I want to stop in the middle of module, will it save my spot?

We automatically save the modules you’ve already completed. If you leave in the middle of a module, you can start over from where you left

Do I get graded on my answers during foundation program?

Our preparation program is designed as an interactive learning experience. You won’t be penalized for getting something wrong - just learn from it and try again. You are also graded on each program and can always better your score. The completion grade is set at 80 %

Does my grades on the foundation programs ever expire ?

As of now, the modules do not expire. This means that once you complete a module, you will be able to apply that knowledge to any other similar GrowYourSkill position

How do I manage my profile ?

It is recommended that you keep your profile up to date with the latest status as this information can be used by employers to make the selection

Why do I some time get a message scorm not responding ?

This is because some times when the network connections are weak or the bandwidth is highly stretched the program automatically detects the fluctuations and reports the information. This does not affect the program running and usage

Can we login and use the application with a mobile device ?

Yes, the application is mobile responsive and works on most devices and resolutions

Can we run the learning programs on mobile device ?

With the appropriate compatible mobile player version the learning programs can be run on a mobile device, however due to the limited screen size, it is recommended to use a personal computer or laptop

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